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Our Less Than Truckload (LTL) service offers cost-effective and reliable ground transportation solutions for your freight needs. With our extensive network of carriers and advanced logistics technology, we ensure that your shipments are handled efficiently and delivered on time. Whether you have small shipments or partial loads, our LTL service provides the flexibility and convenience you need to optimize your supply chain.

Flexibility and Convenience: The Perfect Solution for Your Business

LTL shipping offers businesses the flexibility to transport smaller loads and the convenience of shared transportation, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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The Benefits of Using LTL Services for Your Business

LTL services offer businesses a cost-effective and efficient solution for transporting smaller shipments. With LTL, you only pay for the space your shipment occupies, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.


LTL services streamline your supply chain, optimizing delivery routes and minimizing transit times.


LTL services allow you to ship smaller quantities without the need for a full truckload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping.

What is LTL shipping?

LTL shipping, or Less Than Truckload shipping, is a method of transportation used for relatively small freight shipments that do not require a full truckload. It allows multiple shipments from different customers to be consolidated into a single truck for more efficient transportation.

How does LTL shipping work?

LTL shipping works by combining multiple smaller shipments into a single truckload. These shipments are typically picked up and delivered by a carrier who specializes in LTL transportation. The carrier will consolidate the shipments at a distribution center and then deliver them to their respective destinations.

What are the benefits of LTL shipping?

LTL shipping offers several benefits, including cost savings, as customers only pay for the space their shipment occupies in the truck. It also provides more flexibility in terms of pickup and delivery options, as well as access to a wider network of carriers for better coverage.

How do I prepare my LTL shipment?

To prepare your LTL shipment, make sure it is properly packaged and labeled. Provide accurate dimensions and weight information to ensure accurate pricing and avoid any delays. It's also important to follow any specific requirements or restrictions set by the carrier.

Can I track my LTL shipment?

Yes, you can track your LTL shipment. Most carriers provide online tracking services that allow you to monitor the status and location of your shipment in real-time. Simply enter the tracking number provided by the carrier to access the tracking information.

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Trucks are lined up on parking lot, close up